Oberkassel Tech's Guide to build a platform for the future
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Building a platform for the future

When you need a website these days one popular question is should I use a framework like Wix, WordPress or Webflow? Should I do it from scratch or let somebody else code it for me?

In order to make the decision easier this blog tries to highlight the advantages and disadvantages of both options.

Advantages of Frameworks

No coding required

One of the frameworks biggest value propositions is the ease of use. Instead of a code editor you have a tool kit which lets you create layouts and pages with a few clicks and most of the time it is simple drag and drop.

No Setup needed

Another important advantage that is involved in the ease of use is related to the setup. When using something like WebFlow for example you don’t have to organize and configure a server before starting. Instead, everything is already prepared for you to start building.

It is affordable

The website building is free of charge most of the times and there are only follow up costs involved. Most of these framework providers offer you cheap deals to equip your fully build website with hosting and a domain.

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Disadvantages of Frameworks

And while these frameworks have clear advantages there are also clear disadvantages that need to be considered.


One of the main disadvantages are the limitations the frameworks have. Since they are meant to be used by many people with different skillsets and goals, the frameworks must be more general to fulfil the needs of many. The templates are often only customizable to a certain extend or some features are either not available or only available by paying a premium subscription.

Less original

While the option of the templates enables you to build proper layouts without being a graphic designer, it also contributes to the fact that many websites will look the same since many people will use the same templates. Therefore, a framework website often lacks a bit of originality.

...templates enable you to build proper layouts without being a graphic designer it also contributes to the fact that many websites will look the same...


Frameworks use the same code to build specific elements, and this code can be found on every website built on this basis. So, if there is any security breach, all these websites are exposed. This characteristic makes framework websites more appealing to hackers. However, the framework providers obviously pay great attention to the security of their solution to prevent any breaches.

Hand coded websites

After looking at the frameworks it is now time to see what a hand coded website has to offer and what might make it not the best choice.


While frameworks have clear limitations when it came to features a hand-coded website is only limited by the developer that is building the website. So if you have a well-qualified developer sky is the limit.

Full Hosting Control

Yes, you need to set up the hosting yourself, but you are entirely in control once it is done. The hosting offered by framework providers often creates problems when migrating to another hosting provider, which will either cost you many nerves or sometimes even additional money.


Remember the security aspect of frameworks? Here it is the other way around. It is your code and not something generated. So as long the code is written correctly, there will be high security guaranteed.



If you want to build a hand-coded website, it requires one of two things. Either you know how to code yourself, or you hire somebody to do it and therefore need money. Furthermore, if you decide to hire somebody to do the work for you, you will be dependent on a professional who can make changes without crashing the website.


Since the hand-coded website requires some setup, everything has to be created from scratch. Therefore, it can be the case that developing a hand-coded website takes a little longer. However, as the people offering this type of service should be proficient in their craft, it should still take a reasonable amount of time.


In the end, there is no ultimate solution; it always depends on your case. Therefore, if you are in a situation where you need to decide between using a framework to create a website or creating it from scratch, think once more about the points presented in this article. They should indicate a direction that will fit best for you.

Finally, if you have any questions or a specific case where you need consultation, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can surely help you in finding the best solution for you.